Land Surveying Company for Sale in St Croix

Land Surveying Company for Sale

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Land Surveying Company for Sale in St Croix

Chance of a lifetime to own and operate a fully functioning survey and engineering firm that has been in continuous operation since 1991 - the asking price is 950K, and has gross annual sales averaging 400-450K, with an extremely low operating budget.


Daily Gross Sales average 2000-3000 USD on average

Daily labor costs 530 USD per day when I am away, 330 USD per day when I am in place

Office Rent 460 USD per month for approximately 1600 sq. ft. including two offices and two fully furnished pied-a-terre apartments, this is a longstanding agreement with a very friendly landlord who owns all of Gallows Bay and with whom we have worked these many years, this arrangement can be expected to continue

Utilities including Electricity, Internet, Telephone average 1000 USD per month, varies with use and season

Equipment includes 1990 Land Rover Defender 110, 2017 Nissan Pathfinder, 1992 BMW R100GSPD, two sets of Topcon Hiper V GPS gear, Tesla tablet, FC5000 Tablet, Leica Digital Levels and Rods, three or four working DJI Phantom 4 Pro, V.2.0 Drones, multiple and rare Kern and Wild Theodolites, Levels, tripods, tribrachs, spare parts, tools, everything a working field survey crew might want or need we have in good working order, enough gear for two or three crews.

Workstation CAD Computers by XI, Dell, etc., three CAD workstations in St. Croix, one in Denmark, three Sokkia workstations, one in Denmark, two or three other working computers, working Prusa 3D printer and software, half dozen Ipad tablets, three or four working DJI Phantom 4 Pro, V.2.0 Drones, Mapping and Engineering software both paid for and hacked by Autocad, Sokkia, Windows, Adobe, Agisoft, Solidworks, etc., etc., a working office with everything you need to sit down and start working.

Two fully furnished apartments, one rented for 600 USD/month to Gallows Bay maintenance personnel who are friendly and helpful around the place and who is the man to fix anything that breaks, the other pied-a-terre, attached to the office upstairs, can be used by whoever is in charge of the office until more suitable arrangements can be made, the whole place is nice and efficient and well suited for it's purpose.

Professional License arrangements are made through the Dept. of Licensing and Consumer Affairs, a V.I. Government agency, located in the town of Christiansted, five minutes away.

Local Taxes paid to V.I. Bureau of Internal Revenue tax rates to be determined by ownership type
Federal Taxes paid to U.S. IRS but brought back to the Virgin Islands through V.I. Bureau of Internal Revenue